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Sovereign Lord 

Music arrangements by Merlin D'Souza

Lead vocals by various artists                                                                                                                                       

Words and music by Glenn D'Souza


Sovereign Lord Tunecore [Bright,Use].jpg

Many thanks to these wonderful people for their valuable contribution

Merlin D'Souza - Music arranger and producer of the album 'Sovereign Lord'

Dominique Cerejo - Lead vocals - Great is thy Name, Teach us to walk

Clinton Cerejo - Lead vocals - Sing Aloud

Samantha Fernandes - Lead vocals - No Condemnation

Asif Ali Baig - Lead vocals - Teach us to walk

Lizelle Mascarenhas - Lead vocals - Reigning in majesty

Charmaine Rodricks -  Lead vocals - We bow down

Alwyn Rapos, Lyn Balasuriya,

Darryl D'silva, Cheryl Lobo: Background vocals

Aslam Khan - Sound and recording engineer

Adrian Fernandes - Drums

Joe Pereira - Saxaphone

Ian Goes - Cover design artist for 'Sovereign Lord'

Michelle D'Souza - Cover design artist for:

'Only your mercy' , 'Where does my help come from' , 'The One who sees all things' ' What have you not done for me' 'Restoration' ' We are free' 'He is faithful'

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